My Child's Domain--Everyone should own their name!
Is your name still available? Thoughtful Gift!

Is there a new baby in your life? A son, daughter, grandchild, nephew, niece, Godchild, friend, or neighbor?

Why give an ordinary gift when you can give a gift that lasts for years or longer? Something that stands out from those other gifts--those gifts that are outgrown and thrown away within months or weeks?

Why not give something extraordinary?

Your special someone's name can be reserved exclusively for them in the form of an Internet Domain.

You see domains for everything--the familiar "" and at only $9.99 for an entire year, why not your child's name?

What's In A Name?

These days, identity is everything! You have a cell phone, a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account, a Twitter account, a Social Security Number, and the list goes on. But do you have an Internet Domain Name?

Internet domain names are going fast! Every day that passes increases the likelihood that someone else with the same name as your special someone will reserve that domain name. Once it's gone, it's likely to be gone for years!

Owning one's name in the form of an Internet domain name is something that can be used for the rest of your life--personal email accounts, web sites, blogs, etc.

My Child's Domain--Everyone should own their name!
Is your name still available?

Remember, personalized domains are not just for babies! Anyone from 0 to 110 will appreciate a personalized domain name--they're perfect for birthdays, graduation, Mother's day, Father's day, a new job, Christmas, as a way of showing your love, or a unique way to say thanks.

How Does It Work?

It's simple! Type in the name you'd like to buy in the box above and hit the pink "Check Availability" button. For example, if the name you want is "Mary Jones" type in: maryjones and hit the pink button.

Remember, the ".com" is the most popular type of domain--it is the one people are most familiar with and therefore is the most valuable. If your name is still available, then simply make your purchase. If it is not available, see our "What if My Name is Already Taken" section for help.

Important: Domain names are not case sensitive ( is the same as Also, you cannot have spaces in domain names! When checking the availability of a name, it is best to run the words together (e.g., While you can include hyphens ("-") in domain names, it is best if you don't. For a complete list of suggestions for selecting a domain name, see our "What if My Name is Already Taken" section for help.

My Child's Domain--Everyone should own their name!
Is your name still available?

What Other Services Are Available?

What better way to use baby's new domain name than with a website of new baby pictures? offers a full range of reliable, affordable Internet services that make it easy for you to share baby photos and stories with friends and family across the street or across the world! For only a few extra dollars each month, you can have your own website to show off those fantastic new photos of the newborn and the proud family.

And if you would like to let everyone know about your new bundle of joy, offers a number of electronic mailing list packages that will allow you to send one, ten, a hundred, or a thousand people--all at the same time! We also offer blogging tools, photo galleries, and much, much more!

Don't Wait Any Longer!

VeriSign reported that more than five million domain names were added to the Internet in the third quarter of 2012, bringing the total number of registered domain names as of Sept. 30, 2012, to more than 246 million worldwide. Don't wait any longer--reserve your name today, before it's gone for good!